Calvin Brock

Chief of Staff to Fulton County Commissioner Natalie Hall

Chief Administrative Officer to Fulton County Commissioner Natalie Hall

Fulton County Board of Commissioners

Fulton County Government Center

141 Pryor Street SW, 10th Floor Atlanta, GA 30303

Calvin Brock is the Chief of Staff for the Office of Fulton County Commissioner Natalie Hall District 4. Mr. Brock served active duty on the U.S.S. Detroit in the U.S. Navy and also served in the Army Reserves. He is a highly decorated retired Police Officer from Neptune Township, New Jersey. He was awarded The Medal of Valor, Officer of the Year and City Proclamation for Exemplary Service. He specialized in numerous investigations such as narcotics, gangs, fraud, theft and other crimes. Upon retirement, he began working as a Disaster Response Case Manager for Catholic Charities and Disaster Inspector for FEMA during several Hurricane Relief efforts. Mr. Brock is currently in a Bachelors to Master Degree program at Thomas Edison State University with a concentration in Homeland Security. He is passionate and committed to giving back to communities using his knowledge, skills, and experiences to coach and mentor youth to excel. Mr. Brock is dedicated to protecting and advocating for the constituents that he serve every day.

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